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Find Your Calling: His & Her's Paperback Book Bundle

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The "uncalled" life can feel like a prison sentence. As men and women, we yearn for purpose, meaning, and significance. In "Find Your Calling: Discovering What You're Meant To Do: A 21-Day Guide For Him/Her" Veronica and Dale Partridge lay out an incredible journey to unearth the talents and gifts that make up who you are.

Buy together or buy individually. These books are not only for couples. They are designed to help both the personal reader, group reader, or couple. 

Quality Details
• Buy Individual Or Together
• 5.5x8.5 Paperback Book
• Matte Cover
• 160 Pages
• 21-Day Workbook Style Layout

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Calling Overview

What You'll Learn From Our Books

  • The real definition of calling
  • How work plays into calling
  • Exercises to determine purpose
  • How to prepare your life for calling
  • Who you should allow on this journey with you

Dale & Veronica Partridge

Quit your career. Find your calling.